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Working to empower every parent of autistic children 

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We understand the fear of a new diagnosis and the abundant life that can come after it. That’s why we provide community through the Infinity Mom Club, expert resources to equip you for informed decisions, and support every step of the way.


Amber Arrington

Founder of Autism Savvy

Autism is a word that Amber has become intimately familiar with for more than 20 years. As a mom of three autistic children, she has devoted her time, energy, and passion to learning about autism in order to advocate for her family and other families like hers. Amber is also the owner of Sassy Wink Academy, an online lash-and-brow education provider. Her prior knowledge of running a business combined with her lived-experience and expertise as a mom of autistic children has primed her for her role as the founder of Autism Savvy.

Amy Stewart


Pediatric Nurse & Parenting Coach

Wesley Johnson


Behavioral Analyst

Becki riding


Feeding Therapist

Justin Arrington

chief customer officer (CCO)

Rio Del Soccorro

Office manager

Bryan hatch

marketing operations

Jennifer Cordasco



Autism Savvy believes in…


We are constantly fed “picture-perfect” moments that don’t reflect what real life looks like. Autism Savvy shares the joys and hardships of our lives as parents – your life can’t look too messy or chaotic for us. We will always live authentically, and you have the freedom to do the same when you join the Autism Savvy family!


Autism Savvy only exists because of the deep care we have for parents who are in the throes of a new diagnosis. The resources we create will deliver the quality we promise, every single time.


Our mantra at Autism Savvy is HOPE (Help One Person Every Day). Rather than focusing on “big successes”, we focus on small, daily interactions and empathy. This helps us grow in our compassion and ability to truly help more people. In other words, we want to focus on YOU, so that we can learn your story and let that inform the work we do.