Not Atypical Motherhood:

The Guide for Navigating a Child’s New Autism Diagnosis

"Not Atypical Motherhood made me feel like I now have a best friend/big sister guiding me through what can feel like a lonely, scary journey through autism parenting. As a mother to autistic children, pediatric nurse, and parenting coach, I will be recommending this book to all autism parents. Thank you, Amber, for helping me know that I am not alone. Thank you for bringing a calm, confident voice to help me navigate atypical parenting."

Amy Stewart MSN, RN, CPN

Just Released April ‘24

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You're not alone on this journey

"Not Atypical Motherhood" serves as a soft landing place in the whirlwind of an autism diagnosis that affirms parents’ capability to navigate this path with heart, understanding, and resilience.”


Personal stories

Read personal stories from Amber who received three different autism diagnoses for her children, and see the myriad of ways that autism can present itself. Whether a late or early diagnosis, whether you expected it or not, each story is beautifully unique – including yours. 

Actionable advice

Our expectation is for you to learn enough about autism that you can truly become a savvy and equipped advocate for your child. From learning how to define autism and communication methods your child may benefit from to therapy options and all the lingo of the autism world, this book is a comprehensive guide for every question you may have.

Emotional support

You care about your child so much that you’re likely willing to sacrifice just about anything for them to thrive. But they also need you to thrive, and that can be hard to do when you’ve just received a new diagnosis. Self-regulating, learning how to invest in self-care, and finding support for yourself are all topics you can explore in the book.

Clarity for the road ahead 

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Just received an autism diagnosis for your child? 

This book is your new best friend.

Not Atypical Motherhood is a heartfelt companion for mothers and caregivers stepping into the uncharted territory of autism following a new diagnosis for their child. Authored by a mom of three autistic children, this book is a blend of personal stories, actionable advice, and emotional support designed to replace fear with empowerment and confusion with clarity.

Each chapter unfolds like a comforting conversation discussing key autism concepts, exploring effective therapies, and guiding you to build a supportive network. Through real-world advice, readers will understand that an autism diagnosis doesn't diminish their capability as their child's foremost expert. The practical resources equip readers to become autism savvy, encouraging a proactive and confident approach towards this new journey.

Readers receive an empowering invitation to trust themselves and face the road ahead with courage and love. "Not Atypical Motherhood" serves as a soft landing in the whirl of an autism diagnosis, affirming parents' capability to navigate this path with heart, understanding, and resilience.

Not Atypical Motherhood releases in April of 2024, but

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