When you’re standing at the threshold of an autism diagnosis, the flood of emotions, information, and advice can feel overwhelming. But let me share with you, friend girl, the single most powerful piece of advice you should hear from the get-go: Find a way for your child to communicate. It’s not just about talking or […]


Communication: The First Key to Unlocking Your Child’s World

What therapy is right for my autistic child? Do they have to have therapy at all? I


Navigating Autism Therapies: Finding the Right Fit for Your Child

Does your child need feeding therapy? If so, which professional is best…OT, SLP, BCBA or a dietitian?


Feeding Therapy: Simplifying the Search for Your Child

Whether you are for or against ABA, the disparity between how many hours of ABA insurance covers, compared to other necessary therapies like speech and OT, puts parents who need support for their autistic child in a bind.


Navigating the Paradox of ABA Therapy: A Parent’s Perspective

The feelings surrounding a new autism diagnosis for your child can be overwhelming. Learn how understanding neurodiversity and what autism really is can set the tone for a short cut to acceptance.


A New Diagnosis, A New Chapter: Autism Isn’t What You Think